Stoodaio Review (2022) – Automated AI Video Creation Software

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Stoodaio Review

What is Stoodaio?

Stoodaio is a brand-new AI-powered online application that is an automated solution to writing, creating, hosting, and publishing videos.

The app is designed to create videos out of a script or a recorded audio in a matter of minutes.

The software is being sold by Zamurai Mastermind Group’s Joshua Zamora who has a track record of successful software releases.

This is an in-depth Stoodaio review that will cover all of its strength and weaknesses.

How Does Stoodaio Work?


Stoodaio has a web interface that is extremely easy to navigate and is usable by all users regardless of the level of skill.

Once logged on to the main user area, there are two options to create a video.

Create Video

Firstly, you can create a video using a script that you may already have ready. Simply put, you copy and paste your script and Stoodaio’s AI technology will make a video for you in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, at the time of writing this Stoodaio review, you can create a video using an audio file. Using this method, Stoodaio will pull the transcript from the audio file and use the topic to come up with a video for your audio.

Once you pick one of the options, you will be taken to the main video editing page where you can work on your script.

AI Writer

Stoodaio has a built in AI writer feature which will turn a topic that you have into a complete script for a video in a matter of seconds. The feature is extremely useful for coming up with a large number of videos fast. Stoodaio’s AI engine searches over 1,000,000 video clips (at the time of writing this Stoodaio review) to come up with your customized video.

AI Writer

Text-to-Speech Narration in Multiple Languages

The program also features a text to speech narrator that turns your scripts into voice overs in English and or many other languages. The voice over sounds realistic, better than many paid text-to-speech software on the internet (check this out in the sample videos below).

Once the script portion is out of the way, the software will generate a video with different slides and options for customization.

Created Video

You can upload your own material as well, for extra customization.

There is a music library with many choices of music for your video. This feature is searchable by keyword and includes lots of different options.

Once your video is complete, you can download the video or host it at Stoodaio. If you choose to host the video at Stoodaio, you can embed it to any web page using the Stoodaio platform.

The software also features an option to syndicate your video to multiple social sites at the click of a button.

Sample Videos Made Using Stoodaio

Why Stoodaio?

Stoodaio makes the process of simple video creation almost instantaneous. This is really advantageous for those people who need to dish out videos fast.

For example, online marketers who want to dominate a niche with many videos would greatly benefit in being able to create videos in matter of minutes and get them uploaded to YouTube or other sites to start ranking for a keyword.

Similarly, those who want to create simple videos but don’t want to spend lots of time or don’t have the know-how of using complicated editing software like Adobe Premiere or others would also greatly benefit from this.

The text-to-speech feature really stood out to me as a great feature in this package, simply because it sounds realistic. It is rare to come by a piece of software like this that includes such a great feature that you would have to pay for separately. What makes this super awesome is the many languages in which the AI will translate your script into and turn it into speech. There are Fiverr gigs out there that charge just for this feature alone.

Auto Narration

Another amazing feature with Stoodaio is the AI writer. This engine will give you a whole script out of just a few words in a matter of seconds. This feature alone wins it for me. You could take the script and use a content spinner to create multiple videos using the same script. Alternatively, you could use the AI writer to come up with more scripts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a feature like this.

Stoodaio’s Full List of Features

  • All of the script for your video automatically written for you by AI writer. This works for any niche.
  • All of the script transformed into voice in seconds, in any language.
  • All of the script processed by AI technology and turned into customizable video instantly.
  • Fully customizable videos with the ability to upload your own images, videos, and voiceovers.
  • Start from scratch option with the ability to post your own script.
  • Ability to record your own voice, the AI will match it to relevant video slides.
  • Ability to change video dimensions to be able to post it to multiple video hosting sites and or social media sites.
  • On-site video hosting with the ability to share and embed videos, track conversions, syndicate videos, and more.

*Please note these features are present at the time of writing this Stoodaio review, there may be unlisted updated features in the future.

Suggested Usage

Affiliate Marketing

An area where Stoodaio would shine is in the affiliate marketing niche. Videos hosted on YouTube are generally easier to rank on a search engine like Google than actual web pages. As an affiliate, creating fast videos and uploading them in numbers would provide a steady stream of Traffic.

Creating Product Sales Pitches

Stoodaio would be very useful to create easy and fast videos that would showcase a product for your business. With the friendly interface and customization options, it is much easier to create videos than using other professional editing software.

Offer Videos for Sale

Some users would benefit from the quick creation of videos and AI features if they work on platforms like Fiverr. This software would be ideal to create videos and offer them for sale on those platforms. Although there may be a need to purchase the white label addon.

The text-to-speech multi-language feature would be a great choice for these type of sales, as some customers are looking for videos in multiple languages.

Transform Existing Articles into Videos in Minutes

For those businesses or affiliate marketers that have successful websites that already have a ton of articles on them, this piece of software would be gold.

This is because you can simply turn those articles into professional looking videos in minutes and upload them to YouTube to have a complete channel filled with videos very quickly.

  • All around effortless and super fast video creation tool
  • Great text-to-speech engine that sounds realistic
  • AI writer engine that comes up with a script for your videos fast
  • Great user-friendly interface that anyone can use
  • Free video hosting platform that lets you embed your videos to any web page

  • The music library needs to be browsable by category too, at the time of testing it was only searchable by keyword

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
Q. Does AI really make this happen? A. According to Stoodaio’s website, the AI technology is what fuels the selection and proper marching of the script with the videos that you see. The writing of the content via the AI writer is also powered by Stoodaio’s AI engine.
Q. What platforms does the app work on? A. The app works on the web and is not hosted locally on your computer, therefore, it is accessible as long as you have access to a web browser and internet.
Q. How many words is the script that AI writer will produce? A. According to Stoodaio’s website, the AI writer produces a “totally unique” article that is up to 1,200 words for just about any niche.
Q. How much of the content created by AI writer is actually unique? Does the content pass CopyScape? A. According to Stoodaio’s website, they are “100% confident” that the content produced by AI writer will pass CopyScape at all times. The creator has offered a 100% refund for anyone that catches AI writer create copyrighted material.
Q. Why did you write this Stoodaio Review? A. I truly believe this software will make a difference for many online marketers in terms of saving lots of time and making them more money. AI is the future. Check out this other review I did that relates to AI for creating videos.



Stoodaio is a great piece of software that will come in handy for those that want to create many videos in minutes with a few clicks of a button. In 2022, video marketing will be king and traffic generated for business through websites like YouTube is on the rise.

Stoodaio makes it a seamless process to create meaningful and relevant videos for anyone. Whether you have a business, or whether you are an affiliate promoting products on YouTube, you could use Stoodaio to make life easier.

Its AI writer engine is extremely useful and time saving for those that are looking to come up with videos quickly. While making this Stoodaio Review, I realized just how quick and effective this software is. You could literally upload tons of relevant marketing content in minutes to YouTube.

Where I see Stoodaio shining the most is for people who are using text-to-speech software to narrate their videos. Stoodaio’s offers realistic text-to-speech narration in many languages. This combined with the AI writer engine that comes up with scripts and videos on the fly, would be a no-brainer for these types of users.

Click here to check out Stoodaio on the official website.

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