Marketing Blocks Review – All-in-One AI Marketing Creation Suite

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Marketing Blocks Review


The hot topic on the internet right now is AI creation tools. As technology progresses, so do the tools available to us on the web. To be quite frank, those of us that choose to progress with the times will be the most successful ones.

This is why I am writing this Marketing Blocks review. I truly believe this software to be one of the winners in recent times for online marketers and businesses.

If you read my last few reviews, you would know that they are all software that employ AI technology for automatic creation. The speed, surprising quality and uniqueness of work created by these AI engines is becoming astounding.

As a marketer, if you pay attention, it will shock you as it shocked me. Let’s get to the review and see why.

What is Marketing Blocks?

What is Marketing Blocks

Marketing Blocks is a complete cloud based all-in-one suite for AI assisted creation of landing pages, copy and ads, graphics, videos, voice overs, emails, and more.

The software uses a keyword and a description phrase that you input into the software to create all of the above in a matter of seconds using AI technology.

Marketing Blocks is produced and offered by Ifiok Nkem who is a well known IT product manager, full-stack digital marketer, and SaaSpreneur. He is a member of the Forbes Councils and has released multiple successful software in the past.

How Does Marketing Blocks Work?

As mentioned above, all you have to do is input a keyword and a description phrase into Marketing Blocks. Within seconds, the software creates the following for you:

Copy & Ads

Marketing Blocks Copy & Ads

The AI produces “100% original” ads copies that are usable for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, other paid ad platforms, as well as other websites and e-commerce platforms.

Marketing Blocks AI is set to be connected to 100 billion data feeds to come up with the unique ad copies.

The results in this tab are fully customizable. There is an option to translate all of the ad copies to over 100 different languages in real time.

Landing Pages

Marking Blocks Landing Pages

The landing pages that are produced using Marketing Blocks are relevant and fit the keyword and phrase entered by you earlier.

The builder elements are fully customizable and there is a feature to instruct the AI to rewriter any of the sections if you like.

The landing page builder offers a drag and drop section to add sections into the landing page. For example, there are email opt-in forms, review blobs, customer feedback sections, and etc. available to be dragged into the landing page.

The email opt-in forms can be integrated to most modern emailers like Mailchimp and etc.

This tool is extremely easy to use. Using this landing page editor, it’s super quick to create a sales funnel or a squeeze page. This is useful even for the most skilled marketer.


Marketing Blocks Videos

Marketing Blocks AI also produces a video script. The AI then uses this script to go out and search for relative media in order to montage a video.

The video is divided into multiple fully customizable scenes. When you click on each scene, you can modify the text, background media, and music.

There is an option to use your own media or choose from a large library of stock images, videos, and background music.

The video output size could be adjusted to the size of the platform you would like to create the video for.

Voice Overs

Marketing Blocks Voiceovers

Marketing Blocks will produce voice overs from the AI generated scripts using your keyword and phrase.

You have the option to customize the script or ask the AI to rewrite another script if you like.

The voice overs sound realistic and are made using “the most natural sounding text-to-speech technology ever created” according to Marketing Blocks.

I have to admit, the voice overs do sound really good. They are on par with some of the most realistic that I have heard.


Marketing Blocks Graphics

Marketing Blocks produces a number of images and graphics for the keyword and phrase that you have selected. These include banners, social media graphics, logos, letter head, business cards, and many more.

This features a respectable editing tool to play around with and customize the graphics.

Marketing Blocks features a library of over 10 million stock images, illustrations, objects, and people on transparent backgrounds.

This tool is super useful and it reminds me of Canva. As many of you know, Canva has a Pro version that charges monthly for a similar service.

There is also a background remover tool that uses AI. You could upload images to this tool and it will remove your image’s background.

Email Writer

Marketing Blocks Email Writer

The email writer feature produces AI created email swipes for your email list. The content created is highly relevant to the keyword and phrase that you entered.

This section is also customizable and you are able to ask the AI to reproduce the copies.

Stock Media

Marketing Blocks Stocks Media Library

This is a stock library where you can search to find elements relevant to your campaign.

Marketing Blocks boasts a stock library of 12 million images, 10 thousand vectors, HD videos, over 2 thousand HQ clipart, transparent people images, and more (these figures are accurate at the time of writing this Marketing Blocks review).

Video Demonstration

  • AI power tool that creates a ton of resources in seconds.
  • The quality and uniqueness of the material is incredible.
  • The voice overs sound amazing, some of the best out in the market.
  • Easy to use, anyone with no experience in design can use it. Training material is available.
  • Marketing Blocks is cloud based and there’s no need to download anything.
  • Free commercial license is included in purchase.
  • The personal purchase option is very affordable at $47 (at the time of writing this Marketing Blocks review).
  • There are credits with the plans and the number of projects you are able to create is limited.

Possible Users of Marketing Blocks

The main group of people that benefit from this software will be the online affiliate marketers. Those of us that create tons of marketing material daily will save so much time and money using these incredible features. Whether skilled or just getting into affiliate marketing, Marketing Blocks could make life much easier.

The other group would be those people that sell their marketing services on websites like Fiverr and Freelancer. The commercial license is key for you if you are in this group of people as anything you create on here will be gold for profit.

Other users maybe bloggers that create a ton of emails and graphics regularly. Marketing Blocks will save some time for sure for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the plans like in terms of limitations?A. There are multiple plans and upsells that start from the personal plan which is a limit of 10 projects to an unlimited plan.
Q. Is there a need to install software in order to use Marketing Blocks?A. No. The program is fully cloud based and all you need is a browser and working internet.
Q. Is there a money back guarantee?A. Yes. According to the Marketing Blocks’ website, you need to send an email to support and you will get a refund within 30 days of purchase.
Q. Is there support available for this product?A. Yes. Marketing Blocks is currently offering support via email or chat.
Q. Marketing Blocks Review? Why do you keep reviewing AI products?A. I keep saying, AI creation software is the future of online marketing.


Marketing Blocks is another incredible piece of AI powered technology available for marketers. Whether you are into online marketing, own a business, or run projects for your clients, this is a great tool to have in your toolbox.

Just the amount of time alone that Marketing Blocks saves you as a designer is worth the purchase in my opinion.


I think the highlights of this software are the copy & ads generator, the landing page generator, and the voice over generator. These three features combined have me sold on this product.

The AI generated copy & ads section saves so much time and money. I personally have spent lots of time and money on outsourcing these to people, and I know you have too! Using this tool and some quick customizations, you can come up with a professional looking ads copy.

The landing page generator and editor is neat and handy. The initial pages that it provides you are highly relevant and time saving. The fact that you can easily add sections and customize everything reminds of expensive monthly subscription services like Unbounce.

You could easily create a professional looking funnel using this product.

The voice generator is almost human like. I was taken away by how good this sounded. I think this is as good as the one that Stoodaio features. The voice overs are definitely the icing on the cake for this product.

Final Word

Marketing Blocks comes highly recommended. Once you use it to generate revenue and save tons of time, you will glad you read my Marketing Blocks review to get you there. As I keep saying, AI creation technology is the future for online marketers.

Click here to check out Marketing Blocks on the official website.

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