Owowpet Review

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Here is our honest review of Owowpet.

If you’re a pet lover, you always look for the finest products to pamper your furry friends.

Owowpet is an online destination for pet owners and enthusiasts, where you will find various pet products. In this Owowpet review, we will go over their most popular items. Please note Fun Reviewer is not affiliated with Owowpet, nor is it making any affiliate commission from any purchases made through the links in this article.


When you search for “Owowpet Review” on Google, you are hit with many results that claim this website is a scam. We had to find out for ourselves. On October 03, 2023, we made a purchase on the website. We bought the Pet Double-Sided Hair Removal Gloves for $12.99.

Owowpet Review

The shipping was an additional $9.99 to Canada. The item shipped the next day, and we received a tracking number. The item originated from China. Tracking was via the Shop app, tied to the Shopify dropshipping platform.

On October 10, 2023, the package arrived in Canada. It took exactly 7 days from the date of the purchase to arrive at our doorstep. The item itself was as described. Our cat immediately began inspecting the gloves as they were removed from the package.

Pet Double-Sided Hair Removal Gloves

We used the gloves on our cat, and he loved it. The quality of the product is good, and hair gets removed seamlessly after brushing. There was no scam involved in our purchase.

Pet Double-Sided Hair Removal Gloves

About The Company

Owowpet states they specialize in cross-border e-commerce services for the pet industry. They caught our attention with a rich inventory of pet-centric items, catering to the differentiated needs of customers across diverse sectors and niches.

Based on our purchase from this site, this is a drop shipping platform, likely operated using the likes of AliExpress.

On its “About Us” page, the company boasts an extensive end-to-end product line. It takes pride in its comprehensive solutions addressing distinct segments of the pet industry.

Notable Products

Continuing with our Owowpet review, we have included some notable products that pet lovers may be interested in.

Anti-Bite Anti-Barking Dog Disposable Mask

This functional mask prevents dogs from biting or barking excessively. On sale for USD 19.99, it’s an excellent addition for your furry friend.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Efficiently feed your pets with this USD 19.99 pet feeder that dispenses food automatically. It is an excellent choice for busy pet owners.

Cat Flying Toy

Priced at USD 19.95, this exciting toy keeps cats entertained for hours. Highly recommended for indoor felines.

Dog Harness & Retractable Leash 2 in 1

This 2-in-1 solution features a harness and retractable leash starting from USD 29.99. Perfect for daily walks and outdoor activities.

Electric Induction Crab Toy

An interactive, engaging, and entertaining toy, this electric induction crab is on sale for USD 29.99. Hours of fun await your pet!

Explosion-Proof Punch Retractable Pet Leash

Available from USD 9.99, this retractable pet leash ensures safety and control during walks.

Funny Cat Windmill Turntable Food Leaker

Increase your cat’s playtime and feed them simultaneously with this USD 24.99 windmill turntable food leaker.

Furry Jacket

A fashionable and functional jacket for pets, priced at USD 39.95. Keep your furry friends warm and stylish.

Hands-Free Dog Leashes

Enjoy outdoor activities with your dog thanks to these hands-free dog leashes, which allow you to relax more during walks.

Interactive Flying Disk Ball Dog Toy

Now at USD 24.98, this flying disk toy provides endless entertainment and exercise for your dog. This is one of our favorite items in this Owowpet review.

Laser Collar Cat Teaser Toy

Keep your cat engaged and active with this innovative laser toy, on sale for USD 29.95.

Little Crocodile Latex Vocal Pet Toy

An adorable pet toy providing hours of amusement, available from USD 19.99.

Medium to Large Dog Tactical Harness

Ensure your canine companion’s security with this tactical harness, on sale for USD 24.99.

No-Spill Pet Water Bowl

Finally, a mess-free way to hydrate your pet – get this no-spill water bowl for USD 29.99.

Pet Air Filtration Mask for Dog

Protect your dog’s respiratory system with this air filtration mask, now offered from USD 9.99.

Pet Double-Sided Hair Removal Gloves

Effortlessly remove pet hair with these double-sided gloves, available for only USD 12.99.

Pet Grooming Hammock

Make grooming your pets easy with this convenient grooming hammock, on sale from USD 19.95.

Pet Hair Clipper with Light

Effectively and efficiently groom your pet with this hair clipper, priced at USD 24.99.

Pet Hollow Ball

A perfect toy for your pets, this hollow ball is available for USD 24.98.

Pet LED Light Nail Clipper

Safely groom your pet’s nails using this lighted nail clipper.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shopping for pet products, Owowpet demonstrates excellent variety. It offers various unique items, from toys and accessories to grooming supplies. In this Owowpet review, their prices are affordable, and the quality of their merchandise is well-regarded.

In conclusion, Owowpet is an excellent destination for pet owners looking for a wide range of items to suit their pets’ needs.

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